vintagerage (vintagerage) wrote in upyours_ebay,

turn around time for ebay support is run around time

It's now been at least 10 days since one of my eBay Listing Removed: Circumvention of eBay Fees woes. I have 5 open calls regarding listings pulled where they pulled it unfairly. Ebay powerseller support has still not responded to me once I got their canned email. Only to provide yet another canned email.

Hello ,

Thank you for taking the time to write to PowerSeller support with your
concerns. I am sorry to hear of the problem you are experiencing with
these listings.

I have forwarded your email to the Trust and Safety department. They
are better equipped to address your questions. Someone from that
department will be with you shortly.

I wish you the best with your future transactions.


Alex Martinez

ebay's heavy handed approach to providing support on their policies : We pull your listing and you will deal with it. We do not need to respond to you any further. Our policy is exact, even if your issue is not outlined. Ask someone who cares.

Just so you know... for this situation, ebay pulled my listings because I had other pictures of listings that I had in my ebay store, that is me circumventing fees? I've been doing this for 2 years AND I have had previously when I created a new template, had someone review my template so I wouldn't have to deal with this ridiculous bullshit.
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