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What a bunch of crap

Ebay announced a little while ago about ebay express. And then they changed the ebay store listings. How come Bill Cobb didn't tell us that when he so smuggly talked about how great things are. A few days ago complaints started filling ebays message boards and today, Chris Tsakalakis put out this message which doesn't address it other than being very dismissive about it. Like it was a chore for him to write it.

We don't have to be patient and don't patronize people by saying it's technologically complicated. That's a bunch of turd polishing. Any web developer knows you always create a clone of the previous data and you test it prior to release.

February 2006
***From Chris Tsakalakis -- More Exposure for Store Inventory Listings***

February 13, 2006 | 03:03PM PST/PT

Chris Tsakalakis
Hi everyone. Many of you will remember Bill Cobb’s letter a few weeks ago, in which he mentioned the upcoming increase in exposure for Store Inventory listings. Starting this week, all matching Store Inventory listings will display at the end of the main eBay search on and on eBay Motors. Store sellers will see increased exposure for their Store Inventory items, and buyers will see more qualified listings every time they search. As Bill said, it’s a win/win.

For example, if you search on “bow tie”, you’ll see all the normal auction and Fixed Price listings as you did before. But now you’ll also see all Store Inventory listings matching “bow tie” listed at the end, regardless of how many auction or Fixed Price listings were found. Similar to today, listing upgrades such as Gallery and Bold will not be shown for Store Inventory listings, unless no auction or Fixed Price items are found – then the upgrades will be shown.

This is a large, technologically-complicated launch, and it might take some time for these extra results to appear consistently. Over the next few days, these Store Inventory listings may appear off and on, and we’ll provide updates on this board if needed.

To learn more about listings in the Store Inventory format and see a screenshot of this change, please click here. I also encourage you to check out our FAQ.


Chris Tsakalakis
Senior Director, Stores

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